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Murrieta Mesa Athletics has core beliefs and values that is deeply rooted in the power of TEAM. Our Mission statement centers around 3 words, Character Community and Championships. The word Community is multi layered, it is defined by relationships amongst student athletes, parents, and community groups at large. Our definition of program excellence would remain void without the partnerships we have established within the valley and beyond.

Becoming a partner of Mesa Athletics through donation or sponsorship efforts means you believe in the platform and the power of high school sports. It means you believe in teamwork, vision, and dreams becoming a reality.

We thank you in advance for the efforts you make to ensure OUR students have the resources necessary to create a brighter future.


Click the Sponsor registration button below to learn how you can purchase Ad space on our website or how you can purchase banners to place on campus.


Alicia Salcedo

Advertising Director/Branding Consultant

Phone: 951-733-3717