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Murrieta Mesa Athletics | Mission Statment

Mesa Athletics is built on old school tradition and values. We take extreme value in the journey and not just the final destination, and we offer our athletes a platform that through hard work and discipline. It allows them to take their talents to the highest of levels. It is our hope that the individual and team goals set for our athletes will transcend generations and lead to a lifetime of excellence.

The success of Mesa Athletics can be attributed to our acceptance and understanding of “Ramily”. We acknowledge that in order to be victorious, we must value and depend on all stakeholders as they play their individual and crucial parts. Our athletes are taught what it means to believe and fight for something greater than themselves, and the lessons they learn in committing to a team by wearing a Mesa uniform will equip them for success in later life as they face situations such as accountability in a work setting, sacrifice in friendship, and commitment to family.

We prepare student athletes to shine exactly in the way in which they are designed; we prepare students athletes to embrace obstacles and overcome challenges, and we prepare student athletes to work collectively with others to achieve a common goal, we prepare student athletes to be champions!

Become a Ram, Become a Champion