Banner Ads

One of the longest standing ways high schools successfully fundraise is through banner sales. High school athletic facilities receives around 50,000 visitors annually at its many events. In addition that number is increased by the youth sports games, practices, and tournaments that are held on site. If you want to feel good about donating to our athletic program and have confidence in the reach of your brand this is the way to go.

See are samples of what sponsorship banners look like. Our design team does all the work for you. We will work with you to build custom banner ads celebrating our partnership and our audience becomes your audience. Build exposure. Expand your business!

Your donation can be earmarked for a specific cause. For example you can choose to sponsor a specific sport and your banner will be placed strategically around the activity of that program.

If you are interested in pricing please contact the Athletic Director as the price depends on facility location and banner size.