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Athletics update September 9, 2020


Athletics Information

The Murrieta Valley Unified School District values our athletic programs and the opportunities they provide for our high school students.  School connectedness through athletics provides our students with lifelong friendships and dynamic opportunities to thrive in our school cultures.  On August 3, 2020, the California Department of Public Health published guidelines for sports and extra-curricular activities. Following the county, state and federal health and safety guidelines, this document was prepared to guide coaches and instructors through the return of athletic training opportunities and workouts in a COVID-19 environment. 

The return to formal team practices, preparation for competition and competition is currently not authorized under state and county regulations.  Guidance for that phase of activity will be provided when state and local authorities authorize those activities.

Please note that this document is fluid and guidelines and recommendations will be modified as county, state, and federal health and safety guidelines change. 


1. Return Notice  

2. Athletic Guidance for all school

3. Assumption of the Risk and Waiver Liability 





Two-Season plan

These are the proposed dates of the regular season for all high school sports under the CIF-SS plan which splits the sports into a fall and spring season: 

Boys and girls cross country: Dec. 26- March 5
Football: Jan. 8-March 12
Girls’ volleyball: Dec. 19- Feb. 20
Boys’ water polo: Dec. 21- Feb. 20
Girls’ water polo: Dec. 28- Feb. 27
Boys' volleyball: December 12  -March 20
Cheer: November 16- April 17


Baseball: March 19- May 29
Boys’ and girls’ basketball: March 12- May 22
Boys’ and girls’ golf: March 20- May 29
Boys’ and girls’ soccer: Feb. 27- May 8
Softball: March 19-May 29
Boys’ and girls’ swimming: March 13-May 22
Boys’ tennis: March 1-May 15
Girls’ tennis: Feb. 22-May 8
Boys’ and girls’ track and field: March 20-May 29
Boys’ and girls’ wrestling: March 5-May 15
Boys' and girls' lacrosse: March 12- May 22